A Dollar Based Investment Like None Other, With the Option of Permanent Residency

Has it crossed your mind that you need to diversify your investments and protect yourself against currency fluctuations, this investment provides you with the opportunity to do that? You will also be able to obtain residency in another country by owning a property company in Mozambique, to find out more ask us how this all works.

One time only offers, From Just $ 65,000 (USD)

A select few people are going to get the once off opportunity to secure a piece of paradise on one of the most spectacular beaches on the Mozambique coastline just like we did 26 years ago, people are often dubious about what prime investments would cost them and how they would be able not to miss out on such an opportunity, well this is your chance to have that dream and to have that opportunity come true, add to that a Dollar based investment with an added option of permanent residency in another country.


Rated 5th Best Snorkelling Beach in The World By "Lonely Planet" In 2020

Can you afford not to secure your piece of beachfront property on the 5th best snorkelling beach in the world, snorkel with Whale Sharks, Dolphins, Turtles, Giant Manta Rays and of course our Humpback Whales? rated by "Lonely Planet" one of the worlds premier travel advisers on the 20th February 2020

Its Time For You To Make Your Story

Just like we have done for the past 26 years.

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Acquire Your Own Piece of Beach Property on Tofo Bay


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We searched for the ultimate dream location, to find a place where we could build ourselves each a beach home, where we could relax and enjoy fishing, diving, snorkelling, walking on the beach and eating fresh seafood the same day that it came out the ocean. Still, most of all, a place just to have lots of fun and be in love like nowhere else on earth. Tofo Bay is that spot!

“Malcolm Warrack Director Casa Barry Beach Lodge”

White Sandy Beaches

Purpose is an Incredible Alarm Clock especially at the beach

Imagine waking up naturally at the beach with the sound of the ocean and the sea birds chirping and then walking hand in hand along with a powdery white beach first thing in the morning, chatting with the local fishermen and ordering what seafood you want to buy and then sitting on the beach and watching an awesome sunrise, and at the same time experiencing that special feeling of love and relaxation that each unique dawn brings when you are on the beach.

Edited Sunrise 1

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From just $ 65,000 USD you can buy in with all these benefits then design and build your own dream beach home. (this is the time to build your legacy)

This offer is only open to 19 parties and won’t last long. Contact us soon to secure your dream.

Payment options are available.

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Build Yourself Your Own Legacy On The Point at Tofo 

“On The Beach” Properties with existing buildings.

Secure your dream in this Exotic Property Development right on the beach in Tofo Bay, Mozambique

How many properties with buildings are going to make up the Community investment?

All 5 properties with existing buildings will be individually owned by each parties Mozambique property company.

Can multiple parties invest in one Property Company within the development?

Yes, multiple shareholders can have shares in a Mozambique property company, so it’s a great idea to get some friends together and form your own syndicate of partners to share the cost.

What size is each property?

At this stage individual properties sizes have been estimated but will still need to be professionally surveyed to provide the exact square meterage for each sale agreement.

Humpback Whales in Winter

See The Greatest Whale Show On Earth

  • Every year hundreds of humpback whales come to our area to breed and give birth this is something you just have to see and experience as it is by far one of the most exceptional whale shows on the planet, you can even hear their mating songs when swimming in the bay. Imagine sitting outside your house and watching the whales play just for you 250 m offshore. Everyday. 

Deserted Islands on Our Estuary

Moz Accommodation

An Estuary with Seahorses, Starfish, Flamingos, Pansy Shells & Mangrove blue forests

Ever dreamt of searching for sea horses or walking on a deserted sand island and picking up pansy shells and at the same time negotiating with the local fishermen to get some fresh local prawns, calamari and fresh fish just out of the nets and then taking these home and making your very own freshly caught seafood extravaganza, dreams are made of these things, you can live this dream right now.

How about a thrill of a lifetime?

Do something that you have never done before

The thrill of a reel screaming knowing that you are in for the fight of your life. is it going to be a world record fish that you will be able to bring to the boat, or is it a monster that will beat you and leave you totally exhausted with only the story to tell at a later date.

Why not experience something that so few people in this World ever get to experience in their lifetime?

Once you have lived this dream, you won’t be able to explain it to your friends because they were not there, when you do try they will look at you with amazement but also with doubt, because nobody who has never experienced this could even start to comprehend what it is all about

Nothing can scare you like a reel that screams without warning, remember that this sport is for the brave, an old fisherman once said: “YOU CAN SEPARATE THE MEN FROM THE BOYS BY THE SIZE OF THEIR RODS.”

Deepsea fishing off Tofo is one of the only sports which will question your ability and judgement every time you hear that reel scream, come and live it with us. 

Tofo was where the first 1000 lbs Marlin was caught off the African coast in the 1960s. You can secure a unique property here and make your mark on history too.

Learn to Breathe Underwater

The Most abundant sea life & Coral

No matter if you are an experienced diver or if you have never blown a bubble before, Tofo is the place to learn. With dive sites that host the most amazing corals and sea life on the shallow reefs and some of the most majestic huge mammals such as Giant Manta Rays and Grouper on the deeper reefs.
If you fear the Underwater World, do not worry, there is always the option to snorkel with Dolphins and Turtles on the surface.
Once you have seen the ocean floor from 20m up on the surface of the water, you will wonder what it is like to enjoy the reefs down below.
To eventually see a manta ray that looks like a small aeroplane underwater swim gracefully over the top of you and creating a shade like a cloud and then watching it do somersaults in front of you as if it’s playful yet graceful. At the same time, it looks like it is flying through the water, this is something that if you haven’t experienced it, you will never be able to explain to someone who hasn’t seen it with their own eyes.
To come back from a dive and be totally exhausted and just sit there and not wanting to talk to anyone, because you are reliving what you just saw that day has got be the ultimate dream.
If you have never done this before or if you have done it 1000 times the thrill of seeing something in another world every time you dive, has got to be something that other people can’t ever explain.
Why not secure a property right on one of the best dive sites in the world, where you can see giant Manta rays, Whale Sharks, Turtles, Dolphins and Humpback whales, all in one single dive.

Snorkelling with Giants

Most People Have never seen One Up Close

Snorkelling in the warm Mozambique waters with the biggest fish in the ocean the whale shark, while at first being totally petrified to be in the water with this considerable animal then you realise that they are 100% docile and allow you to get right up and close with them. Tofo is the “Whale Shark Capital of The World” and is the only place in the world where they are seen 12 months of the year;

(This is just one of the many things which makes Tofo So Special.)

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