Own Your Piece of


A deposit will guarantee Your future investment.

Rated 5th Best Snorkelling Beach in The World By "Lonely Planet" In 2020

Can you afford not to secure your piece of beachfront investment on the 5th best snorkelling beach in the world, snorkel with Whale Sharks, Dolphins, Turtles, Giant Manta Rays and of course our Humpback Whales? rated by "Lonely Planet" one of the world’s premier travel advisers on the 20th of February 2020.

Acquire Your Own Piece of Beach investment right on Tofo Bay

Imagine waking up naturally at the beach with the sound of the ocean and the sea birds chirping and then walking hand in hand along with a powdery white beach first thing in the morning, chatting with the local fishermen and ordering what seafood you want to buy and then sitting on the beach and watching an awesome sunrise, and at the same time experiencing that special feeling of love and relaxation that each unique dawn brings when you are on the beach.

Edited Sunrise 1

How many properties with buildings are going to make up the total investment?

  • All 5 properties and buildings will be individually owned by each parties property company.
  • Can multiple parties invest in one piece of each investment within the development?
  • Yes, we are more than happy for there to be multiple shareholders in any one of the investments on offer.
  • What size is each investment?
  • At this stage individual property and buildings still need to be surveyed appropriately to provide the exact square meterage, there will also be a common property area like the roads and servitudes to consider but please view the offers below to view approximate sizes.  

Lot A

LOT A Consists of Approximately 3827 sqm


Lot B

LOT B Consists of Approximately 4968 sqm

Lot C


Lot D

LOT D Consists of Approximately 6417 sqm

Lot E

LOT E Consists of Approximately 9335 sqm

Build Yourself Your Own Legacy, On The Point at Tofo

We searched for the ultimate dream location, to find a place where we could build ourselves each a long-lasting fun investment, where we could relax and enjoy fishing, diving, snorkeling, walking on the beach and eating fresh seafood the same day that it came out of the ocean, This offer is that place, where you can just to have lots of fun with you family and friends and be in love like nowhere else on earth. Tofo Bay is that spot!

A joint venture with our partners

Right on the beach in Tofo Bay on Tofo Point.

Secure your dream in this Exotic Development right on the beach in Tofo Bay, Mozambique

Ever dreamt of searching for sea horses or walking on a deserted sand island and picking up pansy shells and at the same time negotiating with the local fishermen to get some fresh local prawns, calamari, and fresh fish just out of the nets and then taking these home and making your very own freshly caught seafood extravaganza, dreams are made of these things, you can live this dream right now.

A deposit will guarantee Your future investment.

Snorkelling in the warm Mozambique waters with the biggest fish in the ocean the whale shark, while at first being totally petrified to be in the water with this considerable animal then you realise that they are 100% docile and allow you to get right up and close with them. Tofo is the "Whale Shark Capital of The World" and is the only place in the world where they are seen 12 months of the year.

(This is just one of the many things which makes Tofo So Special.)

Would there be monthly levies?

Yes, as each property owner will own an equal share in the common property, ie. The roads, lighting and the entertainment area, these levies will cover the upkeep of these areas as well as the access security costs. The provision of water from the main boreholes will also be charged monthly; there will also be necessary management fees to cover any monthly maintenance and government licences and levies on the common property.

Individual government licence fees for own properties will be covered by each property owner separately.  The joint property staff can advise on which and when the different annual licence fees need to be paid.

  • How much are the annual fees?

    1. Before completing the building process on the property and, consequently, the acquisition of the property title deed, depending on the size and location of each piece of property, there is:
    • An annual land tax (for a property, or part of the property located more than 100m from the coastline) that is calculated on the square meterage; and
    • An exclusive license (for an ownership or part of the property located less than 100m from the coastline), also calculated on the square meterage.
    1. If the building process has been completed, and there is already a property title deed, there is:
    • Building tax, calculated according to the value of the property; and
    • An exclusive license (for a property or part of the property located less than 100m from the coastline), also calculated on the square meterage.
    1. There is also a rubbish tax and Economic Activity Tax (TAE) to the local municipality.

These in total are approximately $850.00 a year per household.

    1. If your company is already trading, depending on your company tax regime, you might pay 17% VAT (on your revenue), every month, after deduction of all the VAT paid on your purchases of the month, or 3% on your income (ISPC), every 3 months, without deducting any tax paid on your purchases. For companies trading on 17% VAT regime, there is also a company tax every year, which is calculated based on the profit of the previous year’s economic exercise.
  • What facilities will be provided?

There will be a large communal pool and entertainment area; this will be owned and shared by each property owner and can be used at any time.

  • Could I rent my house out legally to make extra income?

Yes, however, your property company will need to get a business licence and follow the standard rules of submitting how much you earned and who stayed in your house each month, your cleaning staff would also need to be registered and have an employment contract, we can advise you further on who can do this for you if you are interested in this option.

  • Are there any schools nearby?

Yes, there is a full International school about 6km from Tofo, we will provide you with all the details if you need them.

What medical facilities are there in the area?

There is the local government hospital as well as a small private clinic in Inhambane; there are also several pharmacies of which two are very well stocked, and typically have any type of medications that you need, if they don’t have a specific brand, they will order it for you. It usually takes a day or two for these to arrive.



Water and Electricity:

  • Electricity is provided by (EDM Electricidada de Mozambique). It is a 220-volt single-phase supply, should any owners wish they can install their generators or solar panels for a continuous supply. Each house will have independent electricity, pre-paid meters. Security lights and lights in the common property will be part of the monthly levies. Water presently comes from two boreholes on the property, and we believe that this will readily supply the houses to be built on the property.
  • Will I own the land?

Being a foreigner, you will own the shares in your property company; this company will have an “ALVERA” which gives you the right of usage to that land for a 50 year plus a 50-year renewal option, you will, however, own the buildings and improvements that are above the ground. This is the same as all properties in Mozambique; the only exception is when a Mozambique National has rights of usage it is for life.

  • Can I get permanent Residence in Mozambique?

Yes, because you own a property company, you can first apply for a work permit, to be able to work in your own company. When you have a work permit, you can use for a work visa/DIRE, which is renewable every year.

Your spouse or kids living with you can then apply for a residence visa/DIRE, which is also renewable every year.

After ten years of continuous Visa / Dire renewal, you and your spouse or kids can apply for permanent DIREs. (Permeant residence)

  • How is the internet connection in Tofo?

Presently three cell phone companies provide 3G network services; you can also get fibre to your house; at this stage, this is limited to 40/20 Mbps lines; however, this is improving every day.

Direct satellite coms are available from multiple service providers should someone need the ultimate internet connection.

  • Can I leave a car or boat at my house?

Yes, if you legally import it into Mozambique, you will need to pay the required customs duties to import it, we can assist you with this.

  • Can I choose to build on or redesign the existing buildings on my investment?

Yes, you can build or change anything as long as you follow all the local municipal building regulations, we will introduce you to local architects and surveyors who can do this process for you. There are specific regulations regarding houses close to the ocean where piling and certain Maritime rules apply, this applies to some properties and not others. We can advise you on all these regulations.

  • How do we buy our groceries?

  • There are two supermarkets close to Tofo, the local market where one can buy fresh vegetables and liquor as well as several shops and the primary market in the town of Inhambane 22km away.

What airlines operate there?

At the moment LAM the official Mozambique airline operates a daily flight to Maputo and regular links to multiple destinations from there.

How many properties with buildings are going to make up the Community investment?

All 5 properties with existing buildings will be individually owned by each parties Mozambique property company.

Can multiple parties invest in one Property Company within the development?

Yes, multiple shareholders can have shares in a Mozambique property company, so it’s a great idea to get some friends together and form your own syndicate of partners to share the cost.

What size is each property?

At this stage individual properties sizes have been estimated but will still need to be professionally surveyed to provide the exact square meterage for each sale agreement.